Here Are 8 Steps to Apply ESD Employment Pass (EP) / DP10 Visa

Step 1: Review Documents

We will check both company and applicants’ documents to make sure it is compile to the application requirement.

Document checking is Free of Charge (F.O.C), you will be rest assure you know where is your stand point before confirm the order with us.

Step 2: Finalise Documents

Next is to finalise the document submission.

Step 3: Pay For Registration Fee

Upon register an employment pass submission online, will need to pay for the registration fee.

Step 4: Upload Documents

Upload all required document to ESD website to seek for approval

Step 5: Approval

Approval will be issued and proceed to Malaysia Embassy to process entry visa.

Step 6: Preparing to Come Over To Malaysia

Book flight ticket and come over to Malaysia

Step 7: Immigration Endorsement

Upon arrival to Malaysia, prepare the passport to submit to immigration for endorsement and get the work permit sticker.

Step 8: Start Work

Applicants may start working and enjoy multiple entries in and out Malaysia during the work permit validity period.

Fill up the form below to contact us today, we will contact and assist you to apply for Employment Pass / Director Visa in Malaysia.

Malaysia Employment Pass / Professional (DP10) Visa Enquiry 专业签证查询

  • Please tell whether you apply for company staffs / agency workers / yourself / friends.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 200.
    How many applications.
  • Please stated your / friends / your staffs / your agency workers country origin.
  • Please tell the job position of applicants.
  • Business Activities (as per SSM-e-info).
  • Tell us which industry are your company ?
    Details of company shareholder record, it can be 100% foreign, 100% local or joint venture company setup. Please refer to SSM Section 58 & 236 / Form 24.
    公司股东记录的详细信息,可以是100%外国,100%本地或合资公司成立。 请参考SSM Section 58 & 236 / Form 24
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 1000000000.
    Registered paid up capital as per Section 51 / Form 49.
    请参考公司注册 SSM Section 51 / Form 49
  • Please write your requirement as details as you can.
  • Primary Email Address For Communication.
  • If you / your friends are going to receive / have received job offer, please stated your employer company name here.
  • Please let us know the convenience time to contact you to discuss further. Time stated is in Malaysian Time (GMT +08 00).
    请让我们知道与您进一步联系方便的马来西亚时间(GMT +08 00)。