Applying Expatriate Professional Visa in Malaysia could be a tedious process, you might end up wasting a lot of time to do it and yet getting rejected on the application. Here is the guide for you to understand the process in simpler way.

For Expatriate Employees / Job seekers

Before you can apply a employment pass or professional visa (DP10 visa) , you MUST apply for a job and secure an employment letter / contract. The is the most common misunderstanding of most of the applicants. They though they need to get a expatriate visa first before look for a job. Only expatriates who has job confirmation from his/her employer can apply for the employment pass visa.

For Expatriate Business Owner

Foreigners must setup a private limited (Sdn Bhd) company with either sole director or joint venture with local partner(s) in order to apply for the employment / director visa.

First, register and form a company at register of companies (SSM). In most of the time, company secretary can assist to register a new company. If you need help to register a company, you can contact us.

Then, you need to look for an office to rent with tenancy agreement. Apply for office telephone line. Do check with the real estate agents that you need an office to apply for local council license as well. It is one of the compulsory documents when come to apply expatriate visa.

Next, open a bank account and start rolling the business. In this case, you need minimum three (3) months bank statement history before you can start applying expatriate / director visa.

In some cases, whole retails trade (WRT) may require applicable to foreign owned company. The WRT license in Malaysia can be tedious, as it may involves other governmental departments such as the local town council. WRT license approving authority is the Ministry of Trade and Consumerism of Malaysia. Check with us whether you need that license before applying one. Please fill up the contact us form and we will contact you.

Fill up the form below to contact us today, we will contact and assist you to apply for Employment Pass / Director Visa in Malaysia.

Malaysia Employment Pass / Professional (DP10) Visa Enquiry 专业签证查询

  • Please tell whether you apply for company staffs / agency workers / yourself / friends.
  • How many applications.
    Please enter a value between 1 and 200.
  • Please stated your / friends / your staffs / your agency workers country origin.
  • Please tell the job position of applicants.
  • Business Activities (as per SSM-e-info).
  • Tell us which industry are your company ?
  • Details of company shareholder record, it can be 100% foreign, 100% local or joint venture company setup. Please refer to SSM Section 58 & 236 / Form 24.
    公司股东记录的详细信息,可以是100%外国,100%本地或合资公司成立。 请参考SSM Section 58 & 236 / Form 24
  • Registered paid up capital as per Section 51 / Form 49.
    请参考公司注册 SSM Section 51 / Form 49
    Please enter a value between 1 and 1000000000.
  • Please write your requirement as details as you can.
  • Primary Email Address For Communication.
  • If you / your friends are going to receive / have received job offer, please stated your employer company name here.
  • Please let us know the convenience time to contact you to discuss further. Time stated is in Malaysian Time (GMT +08 00).
    请让我们知道与您进一步联系方便的马来西亚时间(GMT +08 00)。