Thank you for your interest to enquire our PBT / Majlis License Application Service.

The application process very much depends on what types of license to apply, kindly go through the frequent asked questions (FAQs) information below

Q: What Types of Business Require to Apply PBT / Majlis License ?
A: Any business that has registered SSM and running on a premises require to apply Majlis license. It is MANDATORY for all applications with Government Agencies ie Application to immigration department, expatriate / employment visa (EP), and many others.

Q: What Types of License Require?
A: There are a few types of license, it can summaries into a few categories below:
i) Business license – for operate business either in shop lots, factory or other building
ii) Signboard license – should you put up a signboard, you need to apply signboard license
iii) Renovation permit – this permit is required as long as you have change, add, modify or remove to the existing structure, be it just a simple one gypsum board partition.
iv) Others

Q: What Are The Documents Require to Apply?
A: Documents below require to apply license
– SSM registration
– Director IC / passport
– Tenancy agreement / Sale & Purchase Agreement
– Floor plan
– Premises photos
– Signboard visual
– Others (depends on what types of business operating, more documents list will furnish to you once you decided to engage us to assist you)

Q: What is The Duration to Get Approval?
A: Depends on what types of license to apply, there are ranges from 3 working days to 1-2 months (estimation), it is also depends on the requirement from each respective Town Council / Majlis guideline, I suggest you contact us to find out now. To contact us, kindly fill up the enquiry form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

中文版:马来西亚地方政府(市政局 / 市议会)PBT / Majlis 执照申请服务常见问题


Contact us today by filling up the enquiry form below, we will assist you to apply Malaysia Local Council / MPT / Majlis License.

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